Battery Capacity Calculator

Configure Battery Pack


Battery Backup Calculator is an easy tool to estimate the capacity of the battery you would be needing for your home. This will help to configure inverter/ups power backup.

What does it do?

This calculator is a simple tool to roughly estimate the battery capacity based on how many hours you would require for a home for particular wattage.

Why this tool?

There is much online information available with tutorials on how to estimate power backup. But few give the simple answer to the question, how much would “me” personally need for my home.

Hope this tool provides a simple/useful solution to get a rough estimate.

Is it just one tool?

Yes and No. Putting it simply. It is just a simple tool with an additional feature. Yes. that is has a “Battery Pack Configuration”. This helps a DIY person/team to configure a custom battery pack.

What is a Battery Pack?

A battery pack is usually a collection of relatively small individual batteries or cells configured in as series/parallel connection which ultimately becomes a large battery with increased capacity which is calculated usually as Ah or “Ampere Hour” and also increased voltage.

Battery Pack

"BlinkM Battery Pack: Step 1: Get all the parts together" by todbot is licensed with CC BY-NC 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

The best and popular example is Tesla’s Power Wall and most of EVs uses this battery configuration, With Lithium-ion or Lithium polymer batteries as individual cells.

A DIY Battery Pack?

In these times of green revolution there are individuals across the world are trying to become energy independent or “off the grid” (fully or partially) with cost effective way of becoming carbon neutral energy producers by combining with alternative energy generators like solar or wind. The Battery pack configuration most enthusiasts use is 18560 Battery pack.

Other types are 21700, 14500, etc.